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  • Norway Rock Festival 2020 er i gang! Vi sees på sletta!
  • There will be a press-office backstage, where there’s power for your laptop and wi-fi access.

    Video cameras or recording equipment is not allowed without a special permission from the managements or the festival!

    Please bear in mind that some artists have limited photo access to the pit, so even if you have a photopass, doesn’t this automatically mean that you will get access.

    General rule: 3 first songs, and no flash.

    Press can apply for accreditation by submitting an email to:

    Type a few lines introducing your publication, names, contactinfo, preferable day to attend and if photopass is needed.

    Apply before 1st of July

    Rock Taxi
    Radio Rock
    Sveiserhuset Lister
    Kai Hansen
    Asfalt Sør
    meier + kydland
    Nico Mat
    Netland & Sønner
    Berntsen Engros
    Reiersen Transport
    Avisen Agder
    Kvinesdal Kommune
    Hamar & Vikeså Bygg
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